Autonomint Stablecoin Protocol

Autonomint is the world's first fully decentralised stablecoin protocol stabilised by derivatives. We aim to provide near to 100% capital efficiency to users having liquidity needs. The protocol will issue stablecoins through a collateralisation of native crypto asssets initially and overtime with protocol stability, we will be looking forward to onboard RWAs to cater to users requiring liqudiity against these assets.
Their are 4 major concepts and modules in Autonomint Stablecoin protocol
  • AMINT stablecoin - The stablecoin is soft pegged to USD and backed by native crypto assets like Ether
  • Lending based Stablecoin Issuance - We are a collateralised based stablecoin issuance platform where users can deposit crypto assets as collateral and take stablecoins as loan with a LTV ratio ranging from 80% - 100%.
  • Decentralised Credit Default Swaps (dCDS) - This module will offer the opportunity to users to swap the percentage of credit risk of borrowers requiring stablecoin liquidity and in return get compensated with a share of the profits/fees taken from these borrowers. The users participating in this dCDS module can earn yields from 5% - 200%
  • Collateral options (Derivatives) - We are utilising options as a fee exchange & profit sharing mechanism from borrowers to dCDS users. Options will also be used to provide downside protection of borrower's collateral during times of excess volatility.
  • ABond Flexible bonds - Borrowers can use ABond to earn yields on their deposited collateral assets and dCDS users can utilise the same to stabilise the peg deviation. These instruments have flexible maturities.
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