A complete showcase of AMINT and ABOND supply and other important parameters in Autonomint protocol

Users can check the "AMINT" and "ABOND" price deviations over different time horizons with the current market price of both the assets. Total supply of both the assets and total marketcap can be checked as well

Users can check the TVL in our protocol with the %age split of different assets. Users can check the ratio of funds in dCDS pool and Collateral Vaults of all stablecoin borrowers. This will help to capture the potential yield opportunity available and the prevailing risks.

Users can explore the current values of fees and change in fees across time horizons for minting stablecoins and participating in derivatives.

  • Total Value locked - The Total value locked in the "Deposit & Withdraw" module in terms of collateral deposited by users looking to borrow stablecoins

  • Total Stablecoin Locked - This is the total stablecoin "AMINT" locked in the dCDS module which will be utilised to offer protection or derivative based insurance to users.

  • Current Ratio - This is the ratio of dCDS pool value and Total ETH Value in the collateral vaults.

  • Total dCDS Pool Value - This is the total dCDS pool value as per the total deposited amount by users in the dCDS

  • Net Value of dCDS Pool - This is the net value after addition or deduction of stablecoin amount due to volatility hedging

  • dCDS Pool Profit/Loss - Users can check the total dCDS pool profits from ETH or collateral value rise or total pool loses due to ETH or collateral value falling.

The information present in above are

  • Borrowing Fee - This is the borrowing APR charged on the stablecoin amount borrowed

  • Option Fee - This is the Options or derivatives fee on the downside protection and collateral upside options included while borrowing stablecoins.

  • Total Colleteral Protected - Since the genesis, the amount of collateral being protocted or insured against volatility by dCDS users

  • Total Upside Gained per ETH - The gains accrued on ETH combining the yields on ETH deposited and the total ETH value rise after deducting option fees

  • Total ABOND Yield - Yields earned by users holding ABOND assets

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