📈dCDS interface

This is for the users looking to engage in a decentralised Credit default swap interface

How users can use this dCDS module

  1. The dCDS module is for users looking to lend protection, provide insurance and looking to get a stake in users profits through option fees by becoming an option seller, insurance provider with derivative driven pricing.

  2. The dCDS module can be utilised by users looking to gain arbitrage gains during small peg deviations

  3. Users looking for immediate re-deembility of AMINT stablecoin in return for USDT or our ABOND asset

Acceptable assets, tokens or coins in dCDS module

AMINT : Users can deposit AMINT stablecoin to earn upto 200% + yields on their AMINT stablecoins holdings while providing insurance through a derivative mechanism to stablecoin borrowers and protocol

USDT : Users can deposit <20% in USDT to earn yields and also provide insurance to protocol and stablecoin borrowers. They will also provide instant re-deemability for AMINT stablecoin

Acceptable crypto assets: We will be releasing a list of crypto assets like COMP, AAVE and others which will be acceptable here to provide insurance and earn yields on their assets.

How to participate in the dCDS interface

After connecting their wallet, users can click on "dCDS" on the left hand side to proceed towards dCDS interface.

Click on "New Deposit" button to make a deposit of acceptable crypto assets.

Users can enter the "AMINT" amount to deposit and time duration for which this AMINT will be locked in. The minimum time duration is 1 month

Check the expected APR for the entered amount and also you can opt in for "Liquidation gains" wherein you can increase the yields by allowing us to use your AMINT during liquidation of stablecoin borrowers in "Deposit & Withdraw" module.

Once everything looks fine then confirm the AMINT deposit in dCDS.

Once the AMINT amount is deposited then below information will be showcased on clicking the deposited index.

  • AMINT Deposited - Total AMINT amount deposited by user and on which yields will be earned

  • ETH Price at Deposit - ETH price during the time of deposit

  • Deposit Time - Exact timestamp when deposit got recorded in blockchain

  • Lock-in Period - The time duration for which the funds of AMINT will stay locked for the user and cannot be removed

  • Days passed since deposit - Total days passed since the day deposit was made

  • Deposit time APY - The APY achieved by dCDS users at the time user made the deposit

  • Current time APY - You can check the current APY at any day after the deposit is made

  • Opted for Liquidation? - If the user has opted for gains coming through the liquidation of collateral of borrowers. This gains will be in ETH as the collateral confiscated will be ETH

  • Total Amount accrued - User can check the total yield earned in AMINT on top of the deposited amount at any point of time by clicking on "View" button

After the completion of 1 month time period, if the user feels like withdrawin the deposited AMINT then he/she can click on "Withdraw" button

User will be showcased the total AMINT to be returned combining the yields earned and AMINT lost if any while lending protection or insurance to stablecoin borrowers or providing liquidiation. Click on "Confirm Withdrawal" to withdraw the entire amount back to your wallet and close your dCDS position.

User can withdraw the ETH captured anytime from the liquidation of stablecoin borrowers collaterals. User can then sell the ETH in the market if they don't want to be exposed to ETH price.

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